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Lieutenant Blake Hunter

Name Blake Blake T'kos Soshi Hunter Hunter

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Vulcan/Tellerite/Betazoid
Age 100

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 0"
Weight 210 ibs
Hair Color blueish hue/blonde
Eye Color green
Physical Description He has pointed ears, some very small but distinguishable ridges on his forehead, and somewhat long lengthy blonde/blueish hue hair. He is somewhat on the slim side despite his tellerite background, but very strong for his age


Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview he perfers to be called (insert current rank here) Blake rather then (insert current rank here) Hunter

He is fluent in many languages; Human, Vulcan,Klingon,and Tellerite... there is to many to list
Strengths & Weaknesses though he, is 1/3 vulcan he has the ability to mind meld, and to use his telepathic powers dispite the fact that he suffers from the affter effects; some of which include constant itching and red eye
Ambitions Though he is a medical officer he perfers to work during his free time in Engineering, It is said by some that he took after his father who was killed at a test site for some federation top secret project.
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History Personality: Blake T. S. Hunter is very outspoken and moody, he exibits his funny human self ocassionaly but hids it with his vulcan self, the he lets loose his Tellerite form and has to do the same with it. All in all its kinda hard to tell Human from Tellerite from Vulcan

Place of Origin: Federation Shuttle- UFF(United Federation Freighter) Blackeye

Homeworld: Grew up on two planets Vulcan from the ages of 6-12 and Earth from 13-31

Since his birth on the UFF Blackeye, Blake has shown to be more of an Engineer rather then a medical doctor. He learned how to operate its various systems, learned how to fix the computer, re-route power from auxilery reserves, and even combat against the borg

Arriving on Vulcan in his first year of life he attended school, and made several friends there, who later on would become Ambassadors from vulcan and Vulcan starship captains

until the Age of 10 however tragedy struck during one of his parents missions to deliver some goods, there ship was attacked by an unknown specis, the Freighter barely able to sustain power to life support systems crawled its way back into federation boundaries and immediatly went under repairs. Dispite this however he lost 5 siblings and his mom all of whom were trying to make there way to the bridge of the Freighter when a bulk head collapsed

at the age of 12 his brother John,his day T'kos, and him self the only survivors of the attack decided it was time to leave vulcan and seek their fortune on earth.

From the ages of 13-31 Blake and John who was 6 when Blake was 13;began there schooling on earth and until Blake was 18 did he decide to join Starfleet and the Federation against his fathers own wishs dispite him being a starship captain

he took engineering course to try and please his father, however one day he accidentaly discovered that his father was working on a classified project for starfleet intel. wanting answer he found that it was for a project on cloacking devices and how to furthur improve on them

During on of the pre-test Blake was unable to attend; his brother John watched from a distance on the USS Providence as their father began to make history. but then something went wrong near one of the nacelles there was a big explosion then the rest of the ship began to explode, the power cells, and circuitry had been over heated, the ship which had exploded brought nothing but devastation there wasn't much of bodys worth taking back, and nothing more of a ship that could be salvaged except for a couple of computer chips

Back home Blake was nearly done completeing his second course in starfleet Medical and it wasn't until very recently that he was placed on the USS Zealous after requesting a transfer from the FOR1 starbase
Service Record *Previous Ranks:


Starfleet academy
Debakey MED university (studied for medical doctor then went back to study as a scientists)