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Commander Taylor Mason

Name Taylor Sovak Mason

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Vulcan/Betazoid
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 207 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description


Spouse Commander Alexandria Dixon-Mason
Children Ariel Mason
Father Captain John Mason (Deceased)
Mother Captain T'Asha Mason
Brother(s) Lieutenant Thomas Mason (Triplet Sister)
Sister(s) Lieutenant Tyler Mason (Triplet Sister), Commander Ariana Mason (older sister)
Other Family Admiral Slovak (Grandfather), Lady Freya Mason (Paternal Grandmother), Troy Mason (Patenal Grandfather)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Taylor is a hardworking career oriented officer who is dedicated to Starfleet and the safety of the Federation.

He is the youngest person to ever head a starship design team (being only 20 at the time of his appointment to the Project Resistance). If fact his is the youngest person to have ever graduated from the academy with the average person entering at either 17 or 18 and graduating at 21 or 22. Taylor entered the academy at 15 years old and graduated at 18 after having worked through his 1st and 2nd years of course work in his 1st year.
Strengths & Weaknesses Possesses a very high intelligence and considered a genious even among Vulcan who are super intelligent as a matter of course.

Class A Telepath



Tends to take people at face value and can be more trusting than he should considering the fact that he can simply read peoples minds to determine if they are being truthful or not (something that he refuses to do without their permission).

Suffers from terrifying nightmares in which he is repeatedly caught in a fiery explosion and burned alive.
Ambitions Taylor dreams of becoming the youngest Admiral in Starfleet History.
Hobbies & Interests Starship Design, Quantum Theory, Martial Arts (trained in 7 forms ranging from Klingon, Vulcan and Human)
Languages Federation Standard, Klingon, Vulcan, Betazoid, Bajoran

Personal History Taylor Mason is the first born of a set of triplets. While his official race is listed as Vulcan he is actually only 1/4 Vulcan, His mother was half Vulcan and half Betazoid. His father was human. Ensign Mason spent most of his life aboard starships in the science lab with his mother. He developed a strong interest in Xeno-Anthrology. While his sister love to sit on the bridge and could outfly most fighter pilots by the time she was 12. He brother on the other hand seemed to be more tactically inclined. At age 13 Thomas and Tyler spent a year with a close personal friend of the fathers on the Klingon homeworld Qo'noS where they were encouraged to learn about Klingon culture. His brother and sister became skilled with the Battleth and Mekleth and would later teach some of their skills to him. Taylor enrolled in the Vulcan Science academy and tried his hand in Warp Physics at which he excelled. After two years he tired of the subject returned to his first love, Anthrololgy. Due to his abnormally high intelligence he was accepted into Starfleet Academy at only 14 years old. Ensign Mason specialized in Xeno-Anthropology and excelled in his classes, graduating near the top of the class of 2371.

While in the academy Ensign Mason and 5 other cadets were assigned as midshipmen aboard to USS Corsair. The ship ran into an intense field of metaronic energy that buffeted the vessel with metaron particles. The warp core was about to breach and Captain Meyer ordered all hands to evacuate. 2 of the cadets were seperated and couldn't make it to their escape pod. Mason stayed behind and cut through the bulk heads blocking their way with a welding phaser. The cadets then headed to the transporter room where the made an attempt to beam to the a transport. Unfortunately the radiation prevented them from beaming away from the ship so Mason instead beamed to engineering where he was able to manually dump the matter/antimatter slush from the warp core and force it through the Bussard collectors. The radiation on the ship was so intense that the cadets began to suffer from radiation sickness. Mason then came up with the idea of locking their patterns in the transporter buffer until the radiation cleared enough for rescue by Starfleet. All three cadets survived and Ensign Mason was awarded the Grankite Order of Honor.

The Ensign was due to join his parents aboard the USS Odyssey where he was to serve as a member of the Science team. This would never happen as the ship was destroyed with all hands in the Gamma Quadrant. Ensign Mason lost his Father (the Ships CO), His mother (the ships Chief Science Officer) and his triplet sister.

Ensign Mason was stricken with grief and asked for special permission to return to the Academy. This time he focused his studies two way, Intelligence and Engineering. Upon completion of these courses he attended Command School hoping to be assigned to a ship. While attending Command School he learned that his triplet brother had killed somewhere in the Gamma Quadrant. Ensign Mason requested assignment aboard a starship but was deemed psychologically unfit for starship duty and assigned to study information brought back from the Gamma Quadrant in hopes of finding some way of defeating the Dominion. Ensign Mason was later assigned to space station Deep Space 9 where he remained until the end of the war with the dominion.

Ensign Mason requested a change of assignment and was placed back at Starfleet headquarters where he worked on project pathfinder, the transwarp project and then studying the Borg. After much counseling he once again requested assignment aboard a starship and this time was cleared. He requested and was assigned to the USS Lionheart NCC-75011 where he worked in the science division.

It was recently discovered that the Dominion were keeping prisoners as slaves on a planet in the Gamma Quadrant. Starfleet Command ordered a rescue mission in which 500 prisoners were freed. Among them was Tyler Mason, Taylors triplet sister. She moved aboard the Lionheart with her brother.

Taylor has been awarded a degree and offer to teach at the Vulcan Science Academy. He has thus far rejected the offer to teach in favor of continuing to stay in Starfleet and serve aboard the Lionheart. He has expressed the desire to have a command of his own someday and until that day comes wishes to learn as much as he can from Captain Abernathy.

Taylor has been adjusting well lately and has even earned a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant. Captain Abernathy has placed Taylor in the trusted position of Operations Manager. Taylor has taken to the new position with much enthusiasm and looks forward to the new challenges that will certainly be presented to him.

Starfleet received a distress signal from the Gamma Quadrant that was positively identified as being Starfleet. Two ships, the Monitor and the Merrimac were sent but lost. The Lionheart was sent in and it was discovered the the Merrimac had been destroyed and the Monitor heavily damaged. A Dominion prison camp was also discovered. The Lionheart sent a rescue mission and there they discovered hundreds of members of the crew of the USS Odyssey, including Taylor mother Lieutenant Commander T'Asha Mason.

Upon returning to Earth Taylor took some time off to spent with his mother and sister but was sent on a mission to (RECORDS SEALED BY ORDER OF STARFLEET INTELLIGENCE). He returned and spent the next month vacationing with his mother while Tyler went on to an early graduation from Starfleet Academy.

Immediately upon his return to the Lionheart it was ordered on a mission to recover an automated transport that was carrying a payload of subspace weapons for disposal at top secret depot. The transport and Lionheart came under attack from Orion pirates. After calling for backup the crew of the Lionheart were informed that reinforcements would not arrive for hours and were ordered to land the ship down on a nearby planet. Taylor objected saying that he could find another way to get them out of the situation but in the end was overruled. The ship set down with severe damage and many injuries.

There was still the matter of the transport. Luckily the planet that they had landed on provided some degree of protection from the Orion sensors. Two teams went out to set up a perimeter around the transport and hold the area until reinforcements arrived. Taylor chose to remain with the Lionheart to watch over the ship and over 450 injured crewmen.

After the situation was resolved Taylor, along with the ships Chief Medical Officer and part time engineer Karen Hart were able to use one of Karens ideas to raise the ship back into orbit after which it returned to space dock for extensive repairs.

Taylor remained extremely active as a member of the crew. He was hospitalized after an incident in which he was injured. After several intense missions back to back mission Taylor became weary and longed for a reprieve. Twice he planned for leave, twice he was interrupted and called back to the ship. After this he resolved to remain on the ship and find his recreation through work.

Taylor was recently offered a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and transfer to the position of senior ship designer for the Advanced Starship Design Bureau. A position that he refused several times before being officially ordered to take. Taylor did not wish to leave the Lionheart and sought out a way to remain on the ship that was now his home. Thanks to the efforts of Commodore T.C. Abernathy, his former commanding officer, Taylor was allowed to remain on the Lionheart and due to his hardwork was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant.

Shortly after his promotion to First Lieutenant Taylor was again promoted, this time to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. This was following the successful capture of the USS Revolution, the second ship of the Resistance Class that Taylor himself had designed and headed construction of. Taylor feels deep guilt of the actions of Admiral Joseph Chapwell. It was because of Taylors research that Chapwell was able to go renegade. The Admiral is now in possession of some very dangerous material and seems to have no compunction about experimenting with it. Some of the knowledge that he has stolen can lead to the destruction of entire star systems.

Taylor found himself in a relationship with Captain Erika Rheyan, his commanding officer and things looked to be going well for them. After a few months he even thought that she was "the one" and planned on asking her to marry him. Their relationship was an intense one and they spent a lot of time together but like so many of his previous relationships it was no meant to be. While he was on Earth being debriefed on some of the technology that was stolen by the renegade Admiral Chapwell, Erika would begin an illicit relationship with another of the ships officers. Instead of telling him that it was over she simply sent him a communication saying that she would be transferring him off of the ship and then sent his things to Earth.

Taylor took it very hard and took some leave to recuperate. It was during this time that he paid a visit to his brother Thomas, who was serving as Chief of Security of Federation Outpost Regal 1. During the visit he met the stations Executive Officer, Commander Alexandria Dixon, who would truly turn out to be the love of his live. During their wild night together before he left they conceived a child.

Taylor returned to duty, this time being assigned to the USS Kirk as the Operations Officer for only a few weeks before being asked to join a special task force to search out rogue Dominion operatives. After spending only a month at this assignment Taylor received subspace message from Alexandria, informing him that she was pregnant. Taylor rushed to FOR1 and the two discussed things. He realized that he loved her and wanted to be with her and at that point asked her to marry him. She agreed and they left to Earth to meet her family.

It was around this time that Taylor also learned that he had another sister, who had been lost as a child before he and his other siblings were born. His sister Ariana was now a Starfleet Officer and serving as XO on the USS Avenger.

After meeting Alex's family the couple were married and Taylor transferred to FOR1 as the stations Strategic Operations Officer, a position that really wouldn't have held any responsibilities but was meant to give him a break to spend time with this family and allow him to work on special projects for different departments within Starfleet. After the birth of his daughter Taylor decided that he needed an assignment that would keep his family out of the constant dangers inherent with being stationed on an outpost on the Federation Frontier and requested a transfer. He was granted promotion to the rank of Commander and placed on temporary reassignment to Earth as Interim Director of the Advanced Starship Design Bureau.

The position last longer than he thought and each day his wife could see that her husband yearned to be back in space. Finally she pushed him to take a position on the soon to be launched USS Zealous. Through a convoluted string of events Taylor was initially poised to serve as the ships Executive Officer but when it was decided the Captain Ja'arda's original XO would transfer to this new assignment Taylor was assigned as the ships Chief of Strategic Operations, a position that suits his unique abilities.

His wife has been assigned as Chief of Security on Starbase 1. Something that Taylor is happy about as it means that she and their daughter will be far away from the frontlines and any danger while his wife serves on the most important base in Starfleet Command.

Service Record Operations Manager, USS Zealous NCC-65953-A

Director, Advanced Starship Design Bureau

Strategic Operations Officer, Federation Outpost Regal 1

Special Detachment Hunting Renegade Dominion Agents

Operations Manager, USS Kirk NCC-75112

Operations Manager, USS Lionheart NCC-75011

Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Lionheart NCC-75011

Science Officer, USS Lionheart NCC-75011

Project Director, Advanced Starship Design Bureau

Asst. Chief Science Officer, Space Station Deep Space Nine