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Ensign Talron

Name Talron

Position Tactical Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 80

Physical Appearance

Height 2 meters
Weight 100 kilograms
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Though young in appearance, Talron cuts a physically imposing figure. At just 2 meters and with a lithe but muscular build, Talron towers over the average assortment of Starfleet personnel. He bears no distinguishing marks, and sports the traditional Vulcan hairstyle. He wears a single peace of jewelery off-duty, a deep green and brown mottled ring inscribed with a fractal pattern to aid in meditation.


Spouse T'Pallas, Junior Adjunct at the Vulcan Science Academy
Children Malon, two years old, resides with mother on Vulcan. Named for Talron's deceased sister.
Father Saulon, Chief Consul, Federation Consul on Bajor
Mother T'Ura, Captain, USS Solon, science research vessel
Sister(s) Malon, killed in action during the Dominion War aboard the USS Thunderchild.
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Talron is a typical Vulcan male, focused in the philosophy of IDIC and logical deduction. While he is focused and driven on his duty to Starfleet and the job at hand, there does seem to a nagging sense of distance in Talron, even beyond the normal coldness of Vulcans. Many counselors have tried (much to Talron's disagreement) to link this distance to the loss of his Sister during the Dominion War. It would seem to be a twinge of emotion rippling along the serene pond of his life.
Strengths & Weaknesses Talron is an extremely intelligent tactical thinker, who applies logic as well as observational deduction to predict battle patterns and calculate targets. He often applies the same thinking to everyday social situations. This often leads to some interesting - and surprising - conversations.

His biggest weakness stems from a pervasive sense of distance or distraction during the course of the day. A nagging sense, perhaps one that won't interfere with his duties but one that will arise form time to time. It's the slightest hint of emotion that he quickly tries to subdue. Talron is capable of allowing his naivete and strict logical adherence blind him on occasion.
Ambitions Talron has very sedate ambitions, he strives to do the best he can logically do in each of his duties and to achieve the best accolades he can for those duties. At the most, he hopes to become a strategic operations officer for a Starbase or long-term-mission vessel.
Hobbies & Interests Talron is a multi-champion player of Three Dimensional Chess, having mastered several techniques for the game from various cultures including Zakdorn and Benzite. He applied this level of thinking to other games of strategy from other species as well, including borasbor (a Bolian game like checkers), as well as solving Holo-mysteries. Talron is an amateur lyre player and was introduced to the human piano at the Academy. He is currently training for use in the bat'leth to augment his tactical training. When off duty, he spends his time practicing these games and reading strategic and tactical works of various species, in particular Klingon strategy and Terran warmaking works.
Languages Vulcan; Linguacode

Personal History Talron was born on the planet Vulcan in 2300 (Terran Calendar) to Ambassador Saulon and Lt. Jg. T'Ura, a junior Scientist on leave from Starfleet. Much of his youth he was raised in the traditional Vulcan manner. At the age of 16 he was enrolled in the Vulcan Science Academy with a specialization in alien strategy and defense planing. Around this time, Talron's sister Malon was born, she would go on to become a command track officer in Starfleet. After 30 years, he completed a dual doctorate in Strategic Planning and Defensive Systems. During the following 20 years, Talron was employed on Vulcan as a defense contractor designing new phaser systems for Starfleet as well as protectorate worlds. For nearly 10 years, Talron spend his time as a traveling defense expert visiting different worlds, advising them on how best to deploy defense structures. During the Outbreak of the Dominion War, Talron was recalled to Vulcan to help with war time construction.

During his years at the Science Academy, Talron underwent pon farr and mated with his fellow doctoral candidate, T'Pallas. They would both put off having children for several decades. During the second year of the Dominion War, Talron's sister was killed during an engagement in the Atraxi system. The event split the family, Saulon sought a position with the Vulcan consul on Bajor after the close of the war, while T'Ura returned to Starfleet and took a Captainship. Upon his sister's death, Talron became disenchanted with his defense work and enlisted in Starfleet, his training made him a candidate for officer school and he was duly transferred. During his second year at Starfleet, his wife became pregnant and he took a brief sabbatical to be there for the birth of his child. He named the child Malon after his sister. He completed his course of study at the Academy and was assigned to the USS Zealous.
Service Record Talron is a recent graduate from the Academy and has no previous postings other than training vessels.

Assistant Tactical Officer, USS Zelaous.