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Ensign Zoe Fox

Name Zoe Fox

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5 foot 8 inches
Weight 126
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Priceing ice blue
Physical Description Pale white skinned slim easy on the eyes for the most part .


Spouse None
Children None at the moment though she is found of the pet snake in her office
Father nick Fox
Mother Julie Anne Fox
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family her pet Burmese python called BOB!

Personality & Traits

General Overview Over trusting kind to most people Loves to talk and study people
Strengths & Weaknesses To trusting of some people opens her heart to others
Ambitions to explore the galaxy
Hobbies & Interests Gym swimming studying the captain annoying the xo
Languages English

Personal History History Buffy has no family left she saw her whole family brutally murdered at a early age never really seeing her family's killer she spent the nights living in fear in case they should come back
She was raised by her Master until she reached 18 where she found out the horrible truth about that day and why her grandmother had survived
She pulled her Master close to her when hearing the news she filled with rage
when she was told it was because she was Sold to him as part of a Debt her father and mother had with the Orion slave master for freeing her mother it almost broke her heart but she pulled her grandmother closer asking her why she had not been killed with her grandmother simply replying Because I could not kill the last of her bloodline
Buffy lent in a little taking a tight hold of her dying Master Close to her and whispered the words I forgive she repeated the words again to her one last time With tear in her eyes I forgive you for everything then she put her Master down on the bed and walked out of the room that night when she left the house she only took with her the clothes that she was wearing.
After stowing away on seven star ships one of the Captains found her trying to steal a shiny coin from his Quarters just so she could make the next meal
He really should of sent her to the brig and a star fleet penal colony but instead he looked at the dirty nasty and foul mouthed young woman and saw a little something special inside her
He had her escorted to the medical bay and cleaned up before talking to her and finding out everything that had gone on
He could not bring his self to press charges so he struck a deal with the woman If she went to study at the academy he would sponsor her and keep track on her progress
he was like the father she never got to have kept in touch with her and when he could he spent time with her
the officer once had a baby girl who would of been Buffy's age about now but he had never seen her
by that time He was trying to get her out of the way she thought about everyone it was to late to tell Her Not every captain is her Master or Mistress she had taken her assignment aboard the Zealots as the ships Councilor .

Love interest Although she has given up on finding love or that's what she will tell you she has never forgot the Kind young man who bought her a drink on earth they shared a dance and some drinks he made her forget for a moment that she was in a harsh universe and she was still is a slave girl where dangers lurk around every coroner
Service Record none