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Ensign Brianna Perim

Name Brianna Perim PhD

Position Astrometrics Officer / Stellar Cartographer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Unjoined Trill
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 2"
Weight 107 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Brianna is a short, handsome, vivacious young woman with a fit, athletically toned feminine physique and a fair complexion. Her face is square with a gently tapered chin, prominent brow, high cheekbones, and is dominated by her soft brown eyes and thin lipped Cupid's bow mouth. Thin eyebrows set atop her chocolaty eyes taper off to either side of her head, while two rows of distinctive dark brown spots frame her soft features, running down both sides of her body from her forehead to her toes. Lastly, she has long, wispy brown hair that she typically wears up in a tight French or Dutch braid.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Capt. Torvin Perim, Retired
Mother Cmd. Nilani Perim, Retired
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Lt. Cmd. Kell Perim, COO, USS Enterprise-E
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally friendly and outgoing most of the time, Brianna has a very independent and tenacious personality. While she is very intelligent (a fact she rarely lets anyone forget) and can think on her feet well, especially under pressure, she lacks a certain amount of common sense and social grace. She can be very stubborn, even downright obstinate at times, and has a history of disregarding her health and/or personal safety to complete an assignment.

Brianna is somewhat of a loner by nature, usually keeping to herself. While she does know how to take orders (or at least understands the concept on an intelectual level), she tends not to work well in a team unless she's the one in charge. Her sarcastic sense of humor and short temper has brought her nothing but trouble over the years, but her quick wits and fiery spirit have allowed her to persevere. Strong willed and opinionated, Brianna won’t hesitate to say what’s on her mind, but (usually) knows when to just keep her mouth shut. Not one to mince words, she says what she means and means what she says.

When stressed, Brianna is known to work extensively on her mental and physical conditioning.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Ambitions Brianna has aspirations to become the Chief Science Officer on a front-line exploration vessel.
Hobbies & Interests Brianna has a variety of hobbies and interests, most of which relate to her chosen career path. She does, however, have a couple noteworthy ones. The first of which is her expertise in human martial arts. She is a third degree black-belt in Tai Kwon Do, a second degree black-belt in Jujitsu, and a fourth degree black-belt in Hapkido. She has spent the last couple years combining the three with gymnastics moves to create an entirely new form of martial arts during her free time, but has yet to perfect the technique.

Her second notable hobby/interest is gymnastics. She is an exceptionally talented gymnast, winning numerous medals during her time at Starfleet Academy. She even delayed her entrance to the Academy for two years in order to attend the 2380 Federation Olympics as part of Team Earth, where she brought home two gold medals, three silver, and one bronze.
Languages Standard, Trill, a variety of computer languages

Personal History Brianna Perim was born in 2360 to Lieutenants Torvin and Nilani Perim while they were stationed on the USS Excalibur. She spent the first five years of her life onboard the Ambassador Class vessel before her parents were transferred to the newly commissioned Galaxy Class starship Magellan. While her parents were concerned that the dramatic change in environment would be traumatic for Brianna, it proved to be anything but.

Onboard the Magellan, Brianna was exposed to a formalized education program for the first time, in which she not only thrived, but excelled. She quickly outpaced her fellow students, breezing through the Federation's standard primary school curriculum in just two years. As she began secondary school, she showed an especially strong aptitude in math and science, which caught the attention of the Magellan's Chief Science Officer, Commander Dan Neville. He saw great potential in her as a Starfleet Officer and began tutoring her privately in more advanced topics such as astrophysics and stellar cartography.

Outside of her studies, Brianna didn't fare as well. She had a difficult time relating to the other children onboard the Magellan, and thus a very difficult time making friends. For her first few months aboard, she spent most of her free time either reading alone in the arboretum or hanging around the science dept., learning the ship's systems first hand. Her parents tried to get her involved in a number of different extra-curricular activities, to no avail, before discovering her natural talent for gymnastics and martial arts. She relished the rigorous mental and physical challenge that the two sports offered, and they would become one of her lifelong passions.

By the age of ten, Brianna had finished her secondary school curriculum as well as the equivalent of a year of post-secondary school courses. She applied to and was accepted into the Trill Science Ministry, one of the premiere institutes of science in the Federation, on par with the Vulcan Science Academy. There she studied amongst some of the greatest minds in the Federation. She graduated at the age of eighteen with the equivalent of a PhD in Astrophysics, specializing in spatial and subspace anomalies.

After graduating from the Trill Science Ministry, Brianna applied to and was accepted into Starfleet Academy. On her way to Earth, she met the coach for Earth's Federation Olympic gymnastics team, Aubrey Monroe. Aubrey, who had happened to see Brianna practicing her gymnastics routines earlier in the week, offered her a spot on the team. Brianna was hesitant at first, but eventually agreed. She spent the two years leading up to the Olympics training and studying advanced warp theory on the side. She won two gold medals, three silver, and one bronze at the 2380 Olympics.

When Brianna arrived back on Earth in 2381, she immediately enrolled at Starfleet Academy and began a rigorous academic program. She graduated in the spring of 2384 and was assigned to the science, research, and exploration vessel USS Einstein as the ship's Stellar Cartographer and an assistant Astrophysicist.
Service Record 2384: Graduated from Starfleet Academy, third overall
Assigned to the USS Einstein as Stellar Cartographer and Assistant Astrophysicist