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Ensign Izdalya Vorx

Name Izdalya Vorx

Position Matter/Energy Systems Specialist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill
Age 18

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 118 lbs
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Female Form. Second Host. Long dark brown hair and golden brown eyes. She had dark mocha skin and dark freckles that go down along the side of her her presently human face. As a trill her hands are cold to the touch. When she's not in Starfleet uniforms she likes to experiment with different fashions from different times on different planets. She's not exactly tall, but she's not short either. She is lean but curvy


Spouse none
Children none
Father Porta'hn Vorx
Mother Mandrixxia Vorx
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family she has an aunt or two on her mother's side and a few cousins, but they don't interact much, its mostly just her and her parents.

Personality & Traits

General Overview absent minded and clumsy, but clever and sharp of mind. She's clever in the classroom, her teachers would always say, but once you get her on the field and actually have her apply what she's learned, she becomes a hazard. She's dangerous but valuable, Not always the brawn or the brains but she has the balance that makes her useful when you expect her not to. Any discussion on matter/energy or quantum mechanics makes her long winded.
Strengths & Weaknesses matter/energy systems
book smart

absent minded
making stupid mistakes
Ambitions To belong to a crew and not screw up and get someone killed or get killed by accident
Hobbies & Interests Interstellar botany
Fashions around the galaxy
Fiddling with replicators
Languages Trill, Terran English, very little Vulcan

Personal History Izdalya Vorx (better known as Izzy) was born on the planet Trill. Her first host body was male, and thusly so she spent a great deal of her child hood as a human boy, her father was a tactical officer in starfleet and her mother a nurse. Her mother was a professor at the Starfleet Academy in San Fransisco on Earth and her father was a tactical officer on board the USS Victoria, and was often off planet so she didn't see him often.

Though when she did they did a great deal of camping and outdoorsy survival stuff together, much to Porta'hn's dismay his child was a catastrophe and would likely starve to death if left to hys own devices in the wilderness.

Hys parents tried to give their child another child to have as a playmate but to no avail. It made no difference to Izzy who was on hys way to becoming a cadet. He went offplanet with his dad and ended up losing his host in a shuttle accident in an ion storm, luckily the symbiont wasn't damaged in any way and was rushed to Trill for a transplant.

The second host body was a young female and is now Izzy's current body, having to repeat a couple courses in Starfleet she was able to finish without injury and evidently was a natural at matter/energy systems where she was a mess everywhere else.

Service Record Fresh out of Starfleet Academy--Cadet