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Lieutenant JG JD Valentine

Name JD Valentine

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 3/4 Human, 1/4 Andorian
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description JD comes in at just over six feet making him slightly taller than most. He weights 190 pounds, making him a "tiwg". But his out ward apperance gives nothing away, to what his mental and physical capiblities are. He keeps a neatly trimmed beard with integrated mustache while the rest of his face is clean shaven. His hair is somewhat long, so he can hide his two supercranial antennae in. His antennae are covered in hair that is slightly dark than his so they are somewhat noticeable when hiden.

He wares his standard issue duty uniform, stand issue. But he does have a tattoo of an equal sign on his left hand and he wares a few small colored rings and braclets, that are a tradtion in his family telling his life story so far.


Spouse Ingaged to Ensign Lindesy O'Nell
Children None
Father Lt Cmdr. Derick Valentine Decessed, 2373, Battle of Wolf 359
Mother Lt. Cmdr. Holly Valentine Decessed, 2377
Brother(s) Jack Valentine, 18, Star Fleet Academy San Francisco, California, USA, Sol III
Other Family Grand Mother Ciara Valentine

Personality & Traits

General Overview JD is very much a pasifist, he wont draw his phaser or start a fight unless it is absolutly nessary.He is instinctive, and observant: somebody who watches from the outside. Joshua is a man of words more so than action, he is very talented at being able to talk a situation down, or resolve a fight before, the fight is ever taught of. He is reliable under fire, with the help of a quick mind and a stead resolve. When things get ruough and tumble, you can execpt to see him working throught it as if its just a normal day at the office. But when hes in a relaxed enviroment he is easy going, laughing and just having a good time. But his trust is a hard thing to gain and an easer thing to lose, one wrong step and goodbye trust. But with that trust gained he will with out a taught put his life on the line for you, and try his hardest to pull you out of any tight spot.

Strengths & Weaknesses Computers, computers, engineering and, computers. Any thing to do with either of those and hes a very reliable go to guy. He can splice data as if it were tying his shoes, and run computers through there paces as if it were a walk in the park. Hes also a very talented pilot, flying anything with a warp drive or impulse engines but he profers the later. Although he doesnt like to show it. Its almost second nature to him. Hes also very handy in a fire fight, hes a crack shot. (He was the Junior marksmen champion at the academy.) But anything invloving computers or engineer hes right at home, with his hands dirty.
Ambitions To eventuly become the commanding officer of a Promethus Class Star Ship. Or maybe head of the SCE.
Hobbies & Interests On his off time he loves to just sitdown and enjoy a good old paper book. But when reading just wont sufice, he loves to play a good game of pool, or go for a round or two of any martial art. When he can he loves to take a shuttle for a ride and just enjoy space. He loves to hang with friends and have a drink and throw a joke or two around. If and when he gets the chance he loves to play his bass guatir (cirica 2008) or his chello (cirica 1771).
Languages Standard, Modern Bajorian and Vulcan, and the occasional klingon curse

Personal History In the Mesa Lutheran Hospital, Mesa, Arizona. Joshua David Valentine was born too Lt. Jg's Derick and Holly Valentine, he had been born prematurily, origional due in June not April. Minutes after his birth he was rushed in to a NICU ward. He remained there for 5 days under close watch by both Holly and Derick. Two weeks later Holly and 15 day old Joshua were transfered to the USS Galaxy. While his Father Derick resummed his position on Utopia Plantia.

Holly and JD lived on the USS Galaxy till he was about 5, when Holly became pregnant with his younger brother Jack. They left the Galaxy and moved back to Mesa, Arizona. They moved into his Aunt's house where they lived till little Jack was born. The day after his brother was born he began the first grade at Zedo Ishakawa Elementry School just a few blocks from his house. He was always the top of his class in every thing execpt for spelling all the way till he was in the 4th grade.

About a month after JD's brother turned 5, his mother resumed her carrier with Star Fleet aboard the Galaxy once again. Neither Jack nor Joshua saw their mother for another 8 years. They moved in with their Grandmother, Ciara Valentine. Joshua lived with her for the 8 years till he graduated from High School. While living with his Grandmother, she taught him how to fly. From that day forward he would fly every day after school. Some of Joshua's happiest memories were from flying around the Grand Caynon State with his little brother Jack. His grades dropped after his mother left he went from the top on a one way ride to the bottom till he entered the 6th grade. His 6th grade teacher, Mr. Jack Harkness, inspired him to strive for his personal best not for others, but for him self. From that point on his grades took a complete spin around and his life looked much better from that point on. Mr. Harkness and Joshua befriended each other, probiley because both had similar historys. He left the 6th grade at the top of his class once again.

His life through Jr. High and High School progressed smoothly, he found he had a nack for computers and warp; he begain to take high level math, science, and computer courses. In his Junior year of High School he begain to ready him self for the Star Fleet Academy enterence exam. Although he had two years till he could take it he wanted to be ready for any thing that the exam sent his way. He studied mostly under Mr. Harkness who had been a Star Fleet officer for over 40 years and three other previous Star Fleet personal.

The day he graduated High School, he met a woman he had not seen or heard form in a little over 8 years. His mother. She had learned of his graduation from Ciara. After the graduation Ciara and Jack came over and congradulated him on his graduation. Ciara wanted JD and Jack to meet a special someone. Ciara introduced them to their mother, painful memories resurfaced, and in a pain induced anger he just ran. His mother found him later that night sitting in the Herizons Lights, his shuttle-craft. They talked till the next morning. He forgave her for every thing. He took the entrence exam two days later and passed it on his first try.

He shipped off to San Francisco and the Academy. He still took many computer and warp related classes and was part of the Parrises squares team in his Freshmen and Junior years. Joshua decide to persue becoming an Operations officer aboard an active Starship. He develpoed a crush on his lab partener in his Theretical Computer Science class. They begain to date and swapped room-mates in the dorms in the last semester of their Junior and Senior years. He graduated 2nd in his class barley missing first by a question. He then spent a year at the Star Fleet Command School. When he graduated from the Command School he requested posting on a myraid of ships and was posted on the USS Zealous one of the few Promethies class-starships. He was posted as an Operations officers. Two days before he shiped out he proposed to Lindsey.
Service Record A. Promotion History:
Star Date 58004.39: Commissioned as Ensign (O-1)
B. Service History:
Star Date 56223.98: Entered Star Fleet Academy
Star Date 58004.39: Graduated from Star Fleet Academy; commissioned as Ensign (O-1)
Academic Major: --Warp Systems Engineering and Electrial and Computer Engineering/Computer Science--
Professional Major: --Computer Operations--
Star Date 59112.56: Assigned as OPS Officer, USS Zealous NCC-59653
Star Date 62432.25: Promotion to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) (O-2), also Chief of Operations USS Zealous
C. Medals and Commendations
None at this time.