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Lieutenant Commander Jarrold Scott

Name Jarrold Thomas Scott

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 193 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description


Spouse Commander Ti'ana Scott
Father Admiral Francis Scott
Mother Captain Aumira Scott (Retired)
Other Family Captain Montgomery Scott (Great Great Grandfather), Captain Katarina Scott (Cousin), Lieutenant Commander Angelo McNamara (Cousin), Colonel Peter Yamagoshi (Cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jarrold is extremely loyal to his friends. His friendship is not easy to earn but once you do it is almost impossible to lose it. He also tends to wear his heart on his sleeve which has led to him being heart more than once.

Jarrold can be wrathful and will bring down extreme punishments on those who have wronged him or someone that he cares about. He does not like to kill or harm others but will no so with no hesitation to protect those that he loves.

Jarrold tends to have a very black and white view of things, rarely seeing a gray area. Criminals should be punished, people in need should be helped by those with the ability to do so and if a person has done their penance they should get a second chance. If you are given a second chance and mess it up all bets are off. He is slowly learning that there can be a gray area sometimes but it is a rough road.

Jarrold is not command material and has not sought command nor will he ever do so. If he is put in a position of command he will do the job efficiently but will be willing to turn over command to someone more qualified if need be.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jarrold is highly intelligent, probably in the upper 10 percentile of human intelligence. He is able to think quickly.

Jarrold has problem adapting to new situations quickly. While he can think out a problem he tends to see various solutions and instead of acting on them he will run through off of the scenerios in his mind before he can act.

Jarrold is a touch telepath (something that he reveals to very few people) and while not an empath he is very good at decerning others emotions. He truly feels what the other person feels and would go out of his way to stop others from feeling pain.
Hobbies & Interests
Languages Federaton Standard, Klingon, Vulcan, Bajoran and Betazoid

Personal History Jarrold was born on Earth in the city of New Orleans. Many people find him a rather odd site when they first see him. Jarrold speaks with a strong Scottish accent and possesses delicate yet sharply chiseled features, some of which people say are almost Vulcan-esque. These people would be correct as Jarrold does indeed possess some Vulcan blood (he's an 8th vulcan on his mothers side).

Jarrold spent most of his life traveling aboard Starships as his parents were both Starfleet Officers. His father was a Captain and CO of the USS Renegade and his mother was the ships Ops Officer. His father would eventually transfer to Starbase 23 and become a sector commander. But it would not be until his fathers promotion to Admiral and transfer to Starfleet Headquarters that Jarrold would make his decision to enter the academy. This decision would stem from the fact the his mother was promoted to Captain and returned to the Renegade to oversee her refit and relaunch.

Jarrold had no siblings and wasn't sure if he wanted to stay with his mother or go back to Earth with his father so he made a decision that shocked both of them and took the Starfleet Academy Entrance Exam. He passed on his first try, scoring in the top 99.8% of the cadets and being given his choice of courses. Naturally he did what most cadets his age did and applied to command school. After only 3 weeks he found that it was not to his liking and changed course to Operations, thinking that he would later move back to command school. As his secondary course he entered Starfleet Medical and studied counseling.

His high intelligence combined with his preexisting knowledge of ship operation granted him an accelerated move through Operations school. He had his degree in Starship Operations in just over a year. Even though he had earned a degree at the Academy he had grown to love counseling and was still just entering his second academy year. Needing to have another minor he opted to enter the Engineering school. This is where his focus would lay until his graduation.

Jarrold soon discovered that he loved engineering and applied for the Engineering Corp, which was glad to accept him. He would serve in the Engineering Corp for just six months before he would receive new orders to report to the USS Zealous as a member of that ships counseling team.

Only weeks after being assigned to the USS Zealous Jarrold recieved orders that he would be going on temporary assignment to the USS Trailblazer, a Nova class starship set to explore the newly discovered ruins of an ancient civilization thought by most cultures in the area to predate the Dominion. The assignment lasted longer than anticipated and the Zealous was eventually forced to ask for a new counselor. Jarrold was given his choice off assignments upon his return, including the opportunity to be stationed aboard the USS Renegade under the command of his mother or the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Jean Luc Picard. He requested a return to the Zealous and was granted his request albeit as a member of the science team.

One little known fact about Jarrold is that he is a touch telepath. While this ability is not strong it has proven helpful while counseling his patients. He never reads them without their permission. The only thing that he asks in return it that they don't reveal that he has this ability.

Jarrold has also studied various martial arts and fancies himself as sort of a modern Samurai. He has learned to integrate several Vulcan techniques into his form and loves to put people out with the Vulcan Nerve Pinch. He would rather do this than carry a phaser. He will not kill unless he absolutely has to. This actually saved his team on an away mission (Details Sealed per Admiral Johanson, Starfleet Engineering Corp).

Jarrold has been readjusting to life on the Zealous including meeting and falling in love with the ships counselor Lieutenant Commander Melissa Richards. He is also dealing with the side effects of the Star Crystal, which have enhanced his telepathic abilities greatly. He is having a hard time dealing with his enhanced abilities and must focus to not read the minds of those close to him. He has also seemed to have caught the eye of Zuub, an Andorian medical officer. His attention however remains on Lieutenant Richards, who seems to have more than one admirer.

During a mission into Tarmon Ay space Jarrolds telepathic abilities seem to have grown. He is no longer restricted to being a touch telepath and has found that he can mind touch people at great distances. He has revealed his telepathic abilities to Melissa and Zuub, both of whom have promised not to reveal his abilities. He had also learned that the Star Crystals react strongly when used by him and serve to not only enhance his abilities but to unlock other abilities that he may latently possess such as telekinesis. He has also discovered that use of the Star Crystals brings out a dark side in him that he can not seem to control thus it is unlikely that he will ever us them again.

Following the Tarmon Ay mission Jarrold has been promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant 1st Class and assigned the position of ships Assistant Chief Science Officer.

Jarrold would continue to serve as the ships Assistant Chief Science Officer for a while but his happiness would be short lived. He would be on the verge of proposing to Melissa when an incident would take him away and force him to spend over a week attempting to rescue Captain Ja'arda from the recesses of her own mind.

Melissa would join him and and a few others in the Captains mind and together they would rescue the Captain from a dark being that sought to possess her. After this incident Jarrold would be physically weak and exhausted from the ordeal but not get a chance to rest. As it turns out the Avenger, whose sickbay they had been in the entire time, was on a dangerous mission and that ships senior staff had been trapped on a Breen ship. Jarrold devised a way to beam the crew off the ship, through shields, moments before the ship exploded.

Upon his return to the Zealous he would go to his quarters to find a letter setting on his bed. He would also find out the Melissa is had transferred off of the Zealous and that she was the one who had left the letter from him. As of now he has not opened the letter, afraid of what it might say. He knows Melissa loves him, they had formed a sort of mental bond and he doesn't understand why she left.

Jarrold has been assigned to the position of Chief Engineer and also Second Officer of the Zealous. He is still learning what it means to be in charge but strives to live up to the responsibility.

Recently he has found that he has a growing attraction to his superior officer Ti'ana Sullivan, even going so far as to get extremely jealous when her former fiancee arrived to help during an emergency.
Service Record Chief Engineer / Second Officer - USS Zealous NCC-59653-A
Chief Engineer - USS Zealous NCC-59653
Assistant Chief Science Officer - USS Zealous NCC-59653
Science Officer - USS Zealous NCC-59653
Science Officer - USS Trailblazer NCC-22511
Ships Counselor - USS Zealous NCC-59653
Starfleet Engineering Corps
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