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Ensign Howard Percy

Name Howard Percy

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 4"
Weight 195 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Greenish blue
Physical Description


Spouse Kestra Zen-Far Percy (deceased)
Children NONE
Father Commander Robert Howard Percy (deceased)
Mother Dr Miriam Zenbe Percy PhD-
Brother(s) NONE
Sister(s) Katylen Percy (Twin sister)
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview
Strengths & Weaknesses
Hobbies & Interests Earth(Terra) History, Music, Swimming, Old Books, Art (human, betazed, and Vulcan), exploration
Languages Betazed, Human, Vulcan, Can read many dead earth languages

Personal History Howard Percy was born in London England 4 min before his twin sister. He spent most of his early life on earth, but Visited Betazed once every 2 years with his mother. Howard was engaged to the beautiful Kestra Zen-far of the 14 house of Betazed at age 6. From early age Howard spent his time reading books, observing people and the stars, and swimming. Howard graduated from Archer High school at age 17 and was accepted to Cambridge. Barely earning honors with his Bachelor of Science, he was accepted to Starfleet academy. Now at age 21, he was doing postdoctoral work as well learning more about his love of the stars and the universe. He spent most of his time at the academy locked in a room with his books but he had time to be on the academy swim team and during his third year at the academy was accepted to Earth’s Olympic team. He placed 3rd in 250-meter butterfly and won the bronze medal. Also during his 3rd year was married to Kestra in a Betazed ceremony at the academy. His classmates were a tad bit nervous about the ceremony and Howard did his senior psyche paper on their reactions.

Their martial bliss was put on hold as now Howard Percy was assign to the office of Temporal Investigations and he started doctoral work at the Daystrom Institute in Psychology. Within the next 2 years Howard was gone quite a bit and put a slight strain on his marriage. But after completing his tour with TI and declining his commission in Starfleet, Howard became an assistant professor in psychology at the Daystrom Institute. This was his finest hour but his accolades would soon be worthless to him for the Dominion war had begun and tragedy was waiting around the corner.

While conducting research took up most of his time, his wife Kestra volunteered in the Federation humanitarian efforts. She was killed while helping evacuate refuges from Betazed. After his wife was killed, Howard fell into a great depression and soon wanted revenge against the Dominion.
He resigned his professorship and reassumed his commission in Starfleet. Ensign Percy took command of the runabout Mississippi and took part in the Earth Defense force. After the war, Howard was reassigned to USS Zealous as a flight control officer.

Service Record Current Post: Helm USS Zealous
Previous Posts:
Flight Control Officer: Runabout Mississippi; Jupiter Station
Daystrom Institute (psychology department)
Department of Temporal Investigations (UFP)

Archer High school- Earth
Cambridge University, Earth
B/S- Exobiology/Psychology: Cambridge England
B/S- Astrogation/Astrophysics- Starfleet Academy
Master degree in Psychology- Starfleet Academy
PhD –Psychology (temporal mechanics) – Daystrom Institute

Achievements: Award for Valor (Classified)-DTI
Bronze medal UFP Olympics (swimming – Butterfly)

Reprimands: None