Posting Contest

Posted on Sun Mar 14th, 2010 @ 11:27pm by Captain Azanialix Ja'arda

I'm pleased to announce that we're starting up our first ever posting contest! And yes, there are some REAL prizes for this!

The contest will run from March 15 - April 15th.

Here's a few details on how this will work:

1) In order to be eligible, participants must submit a minimum of one log per week throughout the contest period, and continue to post until the winners are announced.

2) While we don't want to necessarily establish a minimum in terms of the number of paragraphs, we're not going to count posts that are one or two sentences. The posts should have some substance to them, not just for length, but also with the contributions that it makes with character development, development and advancement of the current storyline.

3) Joint posts will be accepted; however, it'll be counted as only half credit for each individual that contributes to it. The requirements from #2 above must still be met.

After the contest ends on the 15th, the CO, XO, and Second Officer will review the logs and determine a winner. That winner will be announced here on May 1st, in the news, and also shared with the SLA Monthly.

And, here's the prizes up for grabs!

1st Place
A 60-day pre-paid game card for Star Trek Online. For those who already have a subscription, that'll be increased to a 5-month pre-paid game card.

2nd Place
A $25 online gift certificate for, good for any item of your choice!

3rd Place
Your choice of one sci-fi movie from, $10 or less!

For more info on this contest, contact any of the hosts of the Zealous. And happy posting!



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